How to Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year by Making Simple Changes to Your Shopping Habits

There are many ways to save money, but one of the simplest is to skim money off your purchases. FSCB, for example, offers a savings program called Pocket Change that automatically rounds up each debit card swipe to the nearest dollar and transfers the money to a savings account. This way, you can put aside that money for a rainy day. Other easy ways to save money include shopping second-hand and swapping credit cards for cash.

Omitting meat from the diet

Eating less meat can help you save money. Often, the meat is the most expensive part of a meal. A vegetarian diet is heart-healthy and has a lower impact on the environment. The average American family throws away $1,820 worth of food each year. That’s a lot of good food that’s ending up in the trash. But the question is how to cut out meat from your diet?

The average Australian spends approximately $250 per year on meat. Adding in the costs of fertilizer, land, and transportation, meat costs more than vegetarian meals. The cost of a kg of chicken breast, for example, is $12.40 per kg, while a can of black beans costs about $1. Moreover, a vegetarian diet can cut your grocery bill by half.

Shopping second-hand

Compared to new items, second-hand items are much cheaper and more unique. Although the phrase “sustainable” has become a buzzword these days, it is a buzzword that is simply greenwashing. By making a few simple changes to your shopping habits, you can save hundreds of dollars a year. Read on for more ideas! Listed below are just a few ways you can start shopping second-hand.

Be open-minded. If you’re brand-new, you probably like picking out the exact item you’d like, but if you’re a secondhand shopper, think of your shopping excursion as a treasure hunt. You might spend hours searching for that perfect item, but you might strike it rich. With some basic shopping tips, you can increase your chances of finding a treasure.

Swapping cards for cash

By utilizing the gift card exchange, you can save hundreds of dollars a year by swapping unused gift cards for cash. These exchanges usually require you to mail in your cards for payment. In some cases, you may also be able to receive the cash equivalent of a large discount. However, before you begin swapping your gift cards for cash, you should carefully read the terms and conditions of the exchange.

To exchange a gift card, visit a website such as CardCash or Raise. You can receive as much as 92 percent cash back, depending on the card’s value. The exchange fee is minimal and the total value of the card is often less than a hundred dollars. But if you have a lot of gift cards to trade, it will definitely help. If you can’t wait to get cash for them, you can even use the exchange site to make more money!

Saving money on annual leave

Before going on annual leave, make sure you are prepared financially. Start by making simple changes to your daily life. Avoid buying unnecessary items, such as perfume, and set aside money for entertainment. Cut out expensive items like dry cleaning, and try to find a cheaper way to get the things you need. You can also save money on petrol by not commuting by car.

Make a budget for the period of leave. It may be necessary to save $500 a month for six months. This can be accomplished by switching to another location, taking a roommate, or shopping for cheaper car insurance. You may even decide to cut out cable television and restaurants to save money.